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Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (1)


Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (2)Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (3)

Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (4)

The Santorini to Kos route is operated by one ferry company with currently only one sailing per week.It connects the Cyclades with the Aegean islands. The sailing time is 5 hours and 35 minutes.

Currently, this route is only operated by Blue Star Ferries.

Ferries from Santorini to Kos are normally only available during the summer months. This route is only operated by conventional ferries.

The distance from Santorini to Kos ports by ferry is 172 kilometres, that's about 107 miles or 93 nautical miles. However, the exact distance may depend on the route you take.

You can travel as a foot passenger or with your vehicle on this route.

The cheapest price for a one way crossing by foot in the summer is about 41 euros, and for a car with one person about 133.50 euros

Click Book Now and use the booking form to get the latest prices and see the real sailing dates for all ferries on the Santorini - Kos route.

Santorini to Kos ferry timetable

    • 1 Sailing Weekly 5 hrs 35 mins
    • Get price

Why visit Santorini?

  • Enjoy the sunset with a cockail in Fira or the quiter area of Oia
  • Visit the Bronze Age settlement of Akrotiri
  • Be amazed by the Minoan frescoes in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera
  • Visit the stunning and unusual Red Beach
  • Go on a day trip to the volcanic caldera island of Thirassia

Why visit Kos?

  • Go see the tree of Hippocrates. It's in the town near the port
  • Visit the impressive Roman amphitheatre just behind Kos town
  • Visit the medieval settlement of Palio Pyli on side of Mount Dikeos
  • Have fun renting a bike. Kos town is quite flat and great fun to see on bike. Outside town there are also lots of trails to explore
  • Visit the hot springs in Therma beach. Some people swear by the healing qualities of the mud

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Santorini address & GPS

Santorini Port

Port of Santorini, Santorini, 84700, Greece.

Telephone: +30 22860 22239
Fax: +30 22860 23569

GPS Co-ordinates

25.428 ° N, 36.386 ° E

Kos address & GPS


Port of Kos, Kos Town, 85300, Greece.

Telephone: +30 22420 26594
Fax: +30 22420 24185

GPS Co-ordinates

27.2903 ° N, 36.8983 ° E

Frequently asked questions for Santorini to Kos ferries

Yes, with your reservation number and the access code you can visit the website of Blue star Ferries 48 hours before your trip and do the web check-in.

In the port of Santorini, you will find ticket booths for all the ferry companies. If you see a booth is closed when you arrive, don't worry, it will open before your ferry arrives. You can also get your ticket printed in Thira town where you will find plenty of agencies. Go to a central agency and you won't pay to have your ticket printed. There will be a sign outside the door or you'll be referred there by the agency.

If you go to a non-central agency may have to pay a small fee to get your ticket - normally a couple of Euros.

If you don't get an e-ticket you will have to print your ticket. To get your ticket printed make sure you have a printout or a copy of your reservation on your phone and a valid form of photographic ID - for example, your passport or your ID card.


Route: Santorini to Kos:
Average one-way cost per person traveling on foot in July: €41

The crossing time from Santorini to Kos with Blue Star Ferries takes 5 hours and 35 minutes.

Ferry company operating on this route is Blue Star Ferries.

  • On foot:
    Please arrive at least one hour before you travel.
  • By car:
    Please arrive at least two hours before you travel and in July and August allow for traffic jams on your journey.

Yes, you can take your dog or other pet on the ferry but it isn't possible to book a space in the kennel in advance. All Greek ships by law must have some kennel space.

  • On conventional ferries

    If you are traveling on the conventional ferry (not a fast ferry or catamaran) there is normally space available in the kennels and you should also be able to have your dog on all deck areas (but not inside) with you. Strictly speaking, this is at the discretion of the ferry company but in general you should have no issues - though please take a muzzle with you just in case and keep your dog on a leash at all times. Small sized dogs and cats can travel in the ship as long as they stay inside a special travel box.

    The other option, for absolute peace of mind, is to book a pet cabin. These are like normal cabins but have linoleum flooring. They are also available for day crossings at reasonable prices. This way you don't have to worry about finding space in the kennels and you and your dog or cat can relax. In July and August ferries can get very busy with people and other dogs.

  • On fast ferries or catamarans

    Fast ferries and catamarans will also have kennels but these will be limited in number. In addition, the majority of fast ferries (though there are exceptions) don't have open deck space accessible throughout the journey, so you will not be able to stay out with your pet during your crossing. However, if your pet is small and inside a travel box you will be able to keep him or her inside.

Yes, we accept PayPal and if your debit card is issued by Visa or Mastercard then you should have no issues paying by debit card.

You can take your bike with you for free Santorini to Kos if you travel on large ships such as those from the company Blue Star Ferries. However, on ships without a garage, bicycles are normally not allowed inside. You'll see if the ship has a garage when making your reservation. Santorini can be busy in the summer so it is a good idea to tell a member of the port staff that you have a bike in case you might need extra assistance.

Latest prices for Santorini to Kos

Latest booked prices


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82 €


Fare details

  • Booked: 19/04/2021
  • Travel: 07/05/2021 - 13/05/2022
  • People: Two foot passengers

Average price chart

Prices from Santorini to Kos can vary throughout the year, to help you make your mind up when might be the best time to travel, take a look at our average price chart of fares throughout the year. The prices are based on one person travelling as a foot-passenger.

Santorini to Kos route map

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Useful numbers for Santorini and Kos


  • Santorini Police Station: +30 22860 22649
  • Health Centre: +30 22863 60300
  • Port Authority: +30 22860 22239
  • Bus Service: +30 22860 25404
  • Santorini Airport: +30 2286 028400


  • Kos Police Station: +30 22420 28211
  • Kos Hospital: +30 22420 22300
  • Kos Port Authority: +30 22420 26594
  • Kos Bus Service: +30 22420 22292
  • Kos Airport: +30 22420 56000


Have you taken a ferry on the Santorini Kos route? How was your experience? How were the facilities? The staff? The buildings? Were there delays? Was embarkation and disembarkation well organised? Please share your opinon and review of travelling from Santorini to Kos.

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Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (7)

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Review Title

Old style ferry but comfortable

Overall Rating

Rated 4 out of 5

About the Reviewer: Foot passenger

Ferry Company:Blue Star Ferries

Travel Month:June

Year of Travel: 2022


Rated 5 out of 5

Getting Off & On:

Rated 4 out of 5

Port Facilities:

Rated 3 out of 5

Feeling of Safety:

Rated 4 out of 5

July 21, 2022

Details of Review

An old style ferry but comfortable. Could do with a rennovation. Nice restaruant on board. Not too expensive which is a nice change for ferries. Only about 40 minutes late on arrival. Which is good for Greece. Would recommend. A lot cheaper than flying and probably quicker too if you have to go back to Athens.

Review Submitted ByJohan Johansson

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Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (8)Santorini to Kos Ferry Tickets. All Companies Times & Prices (9)


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Santorini to Kos from 41 €




How much is the ferry from Santorini to Kos? ›

How much does the ferry cost from Santorini (thera) to Kos (all ports)? Ferry ticket prices range between 45.00 - 52.50 euros, depending on the ferry you choose to travel with.

Do Greek ferry tickets sell out? ›

Do Greek island ferries sell out? Yes, some Greek ferries do sell out. Especially on popular routes between islands (e.g. Mykonos to Santorini). Large Blue Star ferries almost never sell out.

Where can I buy cheap ferry tickets to Greece? ›

Cheap Greek ferry deals (2022)
  • Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Seajets - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Minoan Lines - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Anek Lines - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Saronic Ferries - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Fast Ferries - Cheap ferry tickets.
  • Golden Star Ferries - Cheap ferry tickets.
Jul 22, 2022

Is there a ferry from Santorini to Kos? ›

The Santorini to Kos route is operated by one ferry company with currently only one sailing per week. It connects the Cyclades with the Aegean islands. The sailing time is 5 hours and 35 minutes. Currently, this route is only operated by Blue Star Ferries.

What is the cheapest way to travel between Greek islands? ›

Quick tips for budget backpackers in Greece

Take an overnight ferry to other islands and save almost half the price of a speedy ferry ticket. Rent a moped as cheap transportation and see the beautiful surrounding area. Visit less traveled to islands such as Corfu and Milos to save money.

How many days do you need in Kos Greece? ›

You'll need at the very least three days in Kos to see everything the island has to offer, but ideally four or five. If you're combining a trip to Kos with island hopping around other Greek destinations like Athens or Rhodes, then 3 days in Kos is enough before moving on to your next destination.

Is it cheaper to book ferry in advance? ›

Tips For Cheaper Ferry Tickets

Book in advance - Generally, the lowest fares are available when you book in advance. So book as early as possible before your travel date.

Is it better to book Greek ferries in advance? ›

Not all Greek ferries sell out. However, we suggest you book your ferry trip in advance, especially if you're planning to take your vehicle aboard. Also, you should keep in mind that some Greek ferries are seasonal and have limited onboard seating.

When should I buy tickets for Greece? ›

How far in advance should I book a flight to Greece? The best time to book flights is between 6 and 10 months before your planned travel dates. For summer visits try to book in November, December, January, or February. The earlier you book flights the cheaper your flight will be.

What is the cheapest way to get to Santorini Greece? ›

One of the most popular and cheapest ways to travel to Santorini, Greece, from Athens is by ferry. Ferries to Santorini depart from the port of Piraeus and Rafina with daily crossings. If you're planning on spending some time in Athens, then the itinerary from Piraeus to Santorini is the way to go.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Greece? ›

Cheapest Time to Visit Greece

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest months to book a flight to Greece are September, October, and November.

How many days should I spend in Santorini? ›

In brief, we recommend staying 3 to 5 days in order to visit as many places as possible. You can see our bucket list with the top things to do & see. Santorini is a versatile island; besides Oia, the volcano, and the breathtaking views, there are many things to explore.

Where do ferries depart from Santorini? ›

All passenger and car/passenger ferries serving Santorini arrive and depart at Athinios Port. The Santorini Ferry Port is located on the southwest side of the island, about 8km (by road) south of Santorini's capital town of Fira, 20km south of Oia, and 9 km west of Santorini airport.

Does Blue Star Ferries go to Santorini? ›

Blue Star Ferries serves routes to the islands of the Cyclades such as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos, the Dodecanese such as Rhodes and Kos and the Northeast Aegean such as Lesvos and Samos.

What ferries leave Santorini? ›

Travelers can book a ferry from the port of Santorini to Naxos, Piraeus/ Athens, Milos, Rethymnon/ Crete, Paros and Anafi. Ferry services to the above mentioned destinations are provided on a seasonal basis. Minoan Lines and Sea Jets offer Santorini ferry crossings seasonally to Mykonos, Ios and Heraklion/ Crete.

Which Greek island is cheapest? ›

The Most Affordable Greek Islands to Visit This Year
  • Agistri, for easy access from Athens. ...
  • Kythnos, for quiet Cycladic beaches. ...
  • Lefkada, for sparkling turquoise water. ...
  • Ikaria, for hiking opportunities. ...
  • Astypalaia, for classic Greek scenes. ...
  • Hydra, for a car-free escape. ...
  • Sifnos, for pretty churches and exhilarating hikes.
Sep 1, 2022

Can you bring luggage on ferries in Greece? ›

One large piece of luggage per person is typically allowed on board. For ferry routes in Greece passengers are entitled to carry luggage up to 50 kilos. If you wish to carry additional luggage or special sports equipment, please consider using the alternative courier services available during boarding.

Which Greek island is best without a car? ›

Top islands in Greece for car-free vacation
  • Koufonisia.
  • Antiparos.
  • Hydra.
  • Chalki.
  • Schinoussa.
  • Agistri.
  • Donousa.
  • Gavdos.

What is Kos best known for? ›

Known for its historical sites, beautiful beaches, and lush vegetation, the island is visited by almost 1 million tourists every year! Kos island has a 5,000 years long history and has been influenced by many cultures, such as the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Venetians, the medieval Knights, and the Ottomans.

Is Kos Greek or Turkish? ›

Kos or Cos (/kɒs, kɔːs/; Greek: Κως [kos]) is a Greek island, part of the Dodecanese island chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea.

Is Kos a nice Greek island? ›

The island of Kos is known for its magnificent beaches and its crystal clear water. In fact, if you are looking for heavenly beaches, the island of Kos is the ideal destination for you.

Should I print my ferry ticket? ›

It is not compulsory to bring a printed itinerary of your booking to the port but you will need to be able to quote the booking reference that is included on your itinerary when checking-in - please note it down.

How far in advance can I book ferry tickets? ›

Ferry bookings can be made any time, even up to the day of the travel. However, if you wish to book in advance for your own peace of mind, this is fine too. All ferry companies differ about when you can actually make a commercial ferry booking. These can range from 2 months to 7 days in advance.

How long before the ferry do you need to arrive? ›

You'll need to arrive between an hour and 30 minutes before your scheduled sailing time.

Do your bags get checked on a ferry? ›

Do you check in your luggage on ferries? No, there is no check-in procedure for luggage items. However, we recommend that you don't carry more than 50kg of luggage to avoid delays due to restricted space in the luggage area.

How often do Greek ferries get Cancelled? ›

Ferry cancellations can happen. They are rare but they can happen 2 - 5 times a year for 12 - 48 hours. It's really somehting not predictable and may change from year to year. It's a rarity but, as anywhere in the world, it can affect some visitors.

How reliable are Greek ferries? ›

They are all reliable ferry companies. The advantages of taking the fast ferry are less time on the ferry and more time on the Greek Islands. The other advantage is that the fast ferries are usually more modern than the slow ferries. The disadvantages are if you get seasick easily, the fast ferry might not be for you.

How many days before your trip should you buy tickets? ›

When to Book Flights for Domestic Travel. According to a 2022 study by, on average, the best time to purchase plane tickets for a domestic trip is about 76 days before your departure date. Keep in mind that this is an average — it doesn't mean you should log on exactly 76 days before travel.

Which airlines fly to Greece from USA? ›

Air France, KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia and British Airways all fly non-stop to Greece.

When should you buy your tickets? ›

Timing plays an important part. Specifically, plane tickets usually don't get cheaper closer to the departure date. Instead, flights tend to be the most inexpensive when you book between four months and three weeks before your departure date.

Is there Uber at Santorini? ›

Whether you go from the Santorini airport to Oia or Thera and vice versa, get where you're going with the Uber app you already know. Request a ride to and from JTR at the tap of a button.

What is the cheapest month to visit Santorini? ›

Best Time for Saving Money: Hotels are much cheaper in the low season (November to March) and shoulder season (April, May, and October) than in the summer months. Transportation, food, and tour prices tend not to vary much by season.

What is the best month to visit Santorini? ›

From late March to early June, and from early September to late October are the best times to go to Santorini. During these times, you can enjoy the warm, sunny island weather and go on adventures like scuba diving, mountain hikes, and ocean swims.

When should you avoid crowds in Greece? ›

In order to avoid the heat and crowds, I suggest visiting in the spring (April to June) or fall (September and October). I think April and September are the two best months — the weather is fantastic, but you get a better travel experience away from the cruise-ship crowds of July and August.

What is the busiest month in Greece? ›

Tourist season is roughly Easter through October. Peak season is summer, when Athens is packed with tourists, and hotel prices can be high. July and August are the hottest.

How much money do you need for 2 weeks in Greece? ›

Greece trip cost

Based on my estimates, your Greece costs will be about $4,455 per person for two weeks. Remember, this estimate is based on visiting the most popular islands (Santorini and Mykonos), which are also the most expensive.

Is Santorini a walkable island? ›

The towns in Santorini (such as Oia and Fira) are small enough to be walkable by foot for restaurants and most other things, but if you want to do some exploring outside of town you'll need transport.

Is there a lot of walking in Santorini? ›

The rugged landscape and vast views of the Cyclades makes Santorini perfect for hiking and walking tours. There's a wide variety of paths through the island to suit any hiker, moving through villages, across smooth beaches, or climbing cliffs.

What part of Santorini is best to stay at? ›

The best area to stay in Santorini is Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. These are the towns that make Santorini so special. If it's your first time on the island, you should definitely stay on the caldera side, as that's what Santorini is famous for.

Where to buy Santorini ferry tickets? ›

You can now book ferry tickets online for Santorini via If you plan to travel during July and August, it's best if you have booked several days or weeks earlier to avoid hitches. You should also know that round-trip/return ferry tickets come with a considerable discount.

What to do while waiting for ferry in Santorini? ›

Santorini's port gets rather crowded in summer. For this reason, we encourage you to be at Thira port at least 1 hour before the departure of your ferry. There are 2 mini markets and some coffee shops nearby so that you can grab a bite and admire the view while waiting for your ferry.

What is the closest island to Santorini by ferry? ›

Ios is the closest island to Santorini, being under an hour away on the local ferry. It could even be an option for a day trip if you are really pushed for time.

How reliable are Blue Star Ferries? ›

Dependable: While there ARE other companies that run slow ferries in Greece, none are known as being as trustworthy as Blue Star. They're rarely not on time and we've never had a ferry canceled with them.

Why is Star Ferry special? ›

The famous Star Ferry means much more to Hong Kong than a simple mode of transportation or tourist attraction. The green and white vessels crossing Victoria Harbour are a legend. Moreover, they are considered a landmark since the 1880s. They are a cheap, affordable and convenient way to cross the harbour.

What is the best way to get around Santorini Greece? ›

The best way to get around Santorini is on foot or by bus. You'll see that it's easy to walk around the tiny seaside towns, but the bus is best to get from one town to another. There are KTEL bus routes from Fira (the capital city) to many different destinations around the main island.

Is it better to fly or ferry to Santorini? ›

It is better to fly to Santorini because the ferry trip takes more than 4 hours and you will be wasting at least half a day in total just to arrive to the island. The flight to Santorini is more expensive than the ferry in general but it's totally worth it if you are visiting the island just for a few days.

Can you island hop from Santorini? ›

Santorini is ideally located and well connected for a spot of island hopping around the Greek islands. Whilst it's easy to spend a week on Santorini and not get bored, there's something special about island hopping in Greece.

How much money do you need to island hop in Greece? ›

US $30-36 (€25-€30) per person per ferry ride and being smart in your travel planning: choose to hop between islands within the same chain and also on the same route, cut down on the number of islands you visit, choose a slow ferry with outside seating as opposed to a faster, more expensive ferry with an indoor seat.

How much is a ferry from Greece to Santorini? ›

Ferries between Athens and Santorini cost around 35€-56€ depending on the type of vessel (conventional or high-speed ferry). Plus, if you book your ferry tickets in advance, you can also take advantage of the early-booking offers with ticket prices of around 30€.

How much cash should I take to Greece? ›

How much cash should I bring to Greece? While you can now use cards everywhere in Greece, it's always nice to carry some Euros with you just in case. Consider bringing 200 or 300 Euros in cash with you, or withdraw more or less that amount when you first arrive.

Do you need a lot of cash in Greece? ›

Should I carry cash in Greece? It is a good idea to carry cash in Greece and to make sure that you always have plenty of smaller denomination notes and coins on you. While cards are widely accepted, Greece is still very much a cash society.

How many days in Santorini is enough? ›

In brief, we recommend staying 3 to 5 days in order to visit as many places as possible. You can see our bucket list with the top things to do & see. Santorini is a versatile island; besides Oia, the volcano, and the breathtaking views, there are many things to explore.

Which is the best island in Santorini? ›

The best area to stay in Santorini is Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia. These are the towns that make Santorini so special. If it's your first time on the island, you should definitely stay on the caldera side, as that's what Santorini is famous for.

Where does Santorini ferry leave from? ›

All passenger and car/passenger ferries serving Santorini arrive and depart at Athinios Port. The Santorini Ferry Port is located on the southwest side of the island, about 8km (by road) south of Santorini's capital town of Fira, 20km south of Oia, and 9 km west of Santorini airport.

Is it easy to island hop from Santorini? ›

How easy is it to island hop from Santorini? Greece and its islands are generally well connected by ferry routes. In particular, the Cyclades island chain which Santorini is part of have an excellent inter-island connectivity, especially during the summer months.

How much is a ferry ticket from Santorini to Crete? ›

The route Santorini (thera) to Sitia, crete is operated by 3 ferry companies: Aegeon Pelagos, Sea Speed Ferries and Seajets. This route is operated all year round and the ticket prices range between 25.00 and 42.70 euros, depending on whether you travel with a highspeed or conventional ferry.


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