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There are a lot of important traits that look great on a cover letter and in an interview. One of the main things employers look for is a strong attendance record. They want to know you’ll consistently show up on time and not require a lot of hand-holding. Here are some ways to promote your attendance and punctuality record to make you a more desirable candidate in the eyes of recruiters.

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Focus on Soft Skills

Of course there will be the requisite hard skills required when applying for a job. However, it’s also important to present your soft skills, which are the intangibles that can’t necessarily be measured in a traditional sense. Here’s how to address this.

On Your Cover Letter

Be sure to include a section on your cover letter that touches on your strong attendance and punctuality record. Let it be known you’re reliable and you’re not the type to create unnecessary complications for an employer.

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For instance, you might point out you’ve missed very few days at previous jobs. Explain that being punctual is tremendously important and you pride yourself on hardly ever being late. Try to be as specific as possible. There’s no need to go into great detail (a cover letter should be brief), but let hiring managers know how reliable you are.


You’ll often hear interviewers ask questions like, “Why should I hire you over the competition?” or “What makes you unique?”

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This is the perfect time to chime in on your attendance and punctuality. One option is to briefly highlight your attendance record. For instance, mention you only missed a handful of days while working several years for a previous employer because of illness. You might also mention how you were rarely late and how serious you take punctuality.

It’s also a good idea to throw in some key examples of how you have achieved this (e.g., always leaving ahead of time, having a plan B for heavy traffic, etc.). Don’t gloat about it, but let it be known you’re extremely dependable.

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Having a great attendance record puts you at a major advantage over many other candidates and is something many employers pay close attention to. After all, “Unscheduled absenteeism is a chronic problem for U.S. employers, conservatively costing $3,600 per hourly employee per year, and $2,650 per salaried employee per year.” Effectively highlighting your ability to be on time can be just what it takes to get you over the hump and land the job you want.

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How do you answer an attendance question? ›

Be honest with how many days you've been absent and if you feel it's a higher number than is generally acceptable, consider explaining the reason for your days away from work.

How would you describe your attendance record? ›

a record of how often someone has been present somewhere, for example at work: good/poor attendance record Do not underestimate the importance of having a good attendance record. It is one of the performance indicators that managers look at first. Want to learn more?

How do you answer attendance and punctuality? ›

Identify specific steps you take to arrive on time, even when the unexpected happens, such as a traffic snarl. Be truthful because your references will likely be asked questions related to your attendance and punctuality.

What is a good sentence for attendance? ›

The team wants to double attendance at its games this season. Attendance is down so far this season. Museum attendances in the city have been increasing in recent years. Her grades are good, but how's her attendance?

How do you describe good attendance? ›

A 95% attendance rate, which is a typical definition of strong attendance, means that a student has missed approximately nine school days. Strong attendance is better defined as 97% or higher.

How do you describe employee attendance? ›

Employee attendance is the presence of your employees at their designated worksite during the required hours. In retail, employee attendance means an employee showing up for and fully working their scheduled shift for the day.

What do you say in an attendance meeting? ›

Prepare for the meeting by gathering all the facts, including dates of absences or tardiness, reasons given for each incident, and any supporting documentation or notes. Include information about how the missed work days have impacted the employee's performance.

What do you say to an employee about attendance? ›

Tell the employee you've noticed he's been absent frequently, and explain the effects his attendance has on the company as a whole. Conversation Tip“Joe, when you're out, customers notice delays, and your coworkers have to take on the extra work. It makes it difficult for us to get the job done the way we need to.”

What should I write in attendance performance review? ›

Performance Review Phrases For Attendance And Punctuality

Always on time for work, including meetings and conferences” “Has a strong attendance record and is punctual with deliverables required” “Shows up on time for work and completes projects without breaching due dates”

How do you write a self evaluation for attendance? ›

Positive self appraisal comments
  1. I always arrive office on time.
  2. I attend all meetings and inform in advance in case I am not able to attend any.
  3. I respect other people's time and ensure that all my meetings start and end on time.
  4. I plan my time off in advance and inform my team members about the same.

What do I write for attendance? ›

Your write up should include the employee's attendance record. It should list all the dates the employee was tardy, absent or left early. If the employee has taken more time off than allowed in their benefits package, include this in the write up. You can usually request this information from your company's HR manager.

How can people improve attendance? ›

8 Tips To Increase Event Attendance That You Have Never Heard Of
  1. Ask for investment.
  2. Offer discounts.
  3. Use Social Media.
  4. Build hype with reminders. During and post-event.
  5. Offer value.
  6. Add a wow factor.
  7. Build connections.
  8. Track attendance and distribute follow-up surveys.
Sep 15, 2022

What is a good attendance goal? ›

Set a realistic attendance goal, usually between 2-5% higher than your 3-year average. Attendance can be a difficult metric to move dramatically in one year, as it often requires a great deal of process and cultural change.

What is an example of attendance? ›

Attendance has to do with being present at something, like work or school. If you never miss a day, you have perfect attendance. The concept of attendance has to do with showing up: if you show up for school, then your attendance is not in question.

What can I say instead of present in attendance? ›

Synonyms of in attendance
  • present.
  • in.
  • available.
  • attending.
  • on hand.
  • at hand.
  • participating.
  • accompanying.

What is an example of a good sentence? ›

A good sentence is a complete sentence.

This element of sentence structure can stand on its own, expressing an idea without the need for additional information. For example: “Parents worry about their children.” This sentence is complete, and conveys a clear idea.

What is a satisfactory attendance record? ›

You have a good attendance record when you: Report consistently to work. Come to work at the scheduled shift start time. Leave work at the scheduled shift end time (except when paid overtime is required.) Remaining at work during working hours (excluding breaks.)

What are the 3 main factors influencing attendance in the workplace? ›

3 Crucial Factors that Affect Attendance at Work
  • Presenteeism. Presenteeism is when an employee comes to work sick, exhausted, or distracted to the point that they can't carry out their work duties. ...
  • Negative Work Environment. ...
  • Personal Hardships.
Nov 9, 2021

How do you encourage attendance at a meeting? ›

Five Ways to Boost Meeting Attendance
  1. #1: Make It Worth Going To. Yes, this is obvious, but it also important to note. ...
  2. #2: Use Word-Of-Mouth. ...
  3. #3: Facebook Is a Powerful Tool. ...
  4. #4: Ask Your Speakers to Help Promote the Event. ...
  5. #5: Select a Location That is Perfect for Outside Activities.

How would you describe your attendance at work? ›

One option is to briefly highlight your attendance record. For instance, mention you only missed a handful of days while working several years for a previous employer because of illness. You might also mention how you were rarely late and how serious you take punctuality.


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