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Everything is big in Texas, they say. But when it comes to city rivalries, two cities always make the most significant headline – Dallas and Houston. These cities are often compared and are the biggest rivals in Texas and the United States.

Houston and Dallas are cities in Texas that are more than 240 miles apart. They may be near each other, but both towns developed differently. Dallas is not the same as Houston, while Houston significantly sets itself apart from Dallas.

Yet, deciding which city to choose may need more pondering. Since they are distinct, we should also highlight critical differences and similarities.

Dallas is known for its full-swing Southern charm and has plenty to love about. It has top schools, a good job market, and a fantastic food scene. You would appreciate living in Dallas and would decide to stay.

On the other side, Houston is excellent for ethnic diversity, with many cultures to offer and explore. Along with its more than 620 miles of land, it has a thriving job market that attracts people to live.

With these, both cities can be great places to live. It is up to the individual preferences which city is better or worse. Thus, we are here to dig deeper into how much Dallas and Houston rival each other.

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  • Is Dallas or Houston Better to live in?
  • Is it cheaper to live in Houston or Dallas?
  • Is Dallas expensive to live in?
  • Is Dallas safer than Houston?
  • Is it hotter in Dallas or Houston?
  • Dallas and Houston: Which is better?

Is Dallas or Houston Better to live in?

Choosing which city is better, Dallas or Houston, is tricky. For one, they are both Texan cities. We can assume that they are both cities that only exhibit Texan characters.

However, there is much to learn about Dallas and Houston, revealing how unique each is. By then, we can choose between Dallas and Houston as the better place to live.

Living in Dallas


Dallas is becoming Texas’s largest state and the 4th largest metro area in the United States. The growth is due to the housing projects and the construction of its public rail system.

It is a booming city in Texas with plenty of jobs to offer. There are construction projects in the city with the potential to become great. The town is economically developing, with career opportunities and job creation at hand.

Activities and entertainment

Dallas exhibits competitive businesses with the possibility of making the city bigger. In terms of activities and entertainment, the city has plenty of offerings. Aside from the authentic and charming Dallas neighborhood, it is now a commercial hub.

You will observe malls lining up in the busy areas of the city. There are corporate office parks, construction sites, and billboards demonstrating massive development.

Global megacity

The blend of a Texan town vibe and sprawling commercial spaces make Dallas an excellent place to live. It has a character that some Texan cities like San Antonio lack.

It is now leading to becoming a megacity in the future. It creates opportunities for people considering moving to Dallas.


Houston may be known to be culturally diverse. Yet, Dallas is leaning towards more considerable diversity, as well. As the city progress, it attracts more people and demography. Dallas has an equitable share of whites, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics.

This demography shares a more significant percentage of immigrants in Dallas. They are widespread across the city, as well.

Living in Houston

Charming neighborhood

Dallas and Houston may be similar in size, but urban planning varies. Commercial sites and construction may be observable in Dallas; Houston is different. Even though it is a booming city, it remains unique among other cities in Texas.

It is more tasteful and exciting than Dallas in terms of neighborhood. You can see the charm and urban character, making them attractive among dwellers. Several neighborhoods are separated from the city center.

Emerging City

Houston has a reputation for being the best city in Texas and is comparable to Los Angeles, San Diego, or Miami. Yet, it is still distinct. Compared to these cities with zoning codes, Houston does not have one.

Meaning there are surprises in the city where anything can happen. In this way, Houston can uniquely develop in comparison to others.


The city of Houston is diverse in Texas. It embraces various ethnicity and cultures. You would see the city’s pride and colorful celebration of life from the graffiti walls. Downtown Houston is also exciting, with lots of fun things to do and see.

Is it cheaper to live in Houston or Dallas?

It is cheaper to live in Houston than in Dallas. The living expenses in Dallas are higher compared to Houston. There is a 7% difference in both cities’ cost of living.

If you need $43,000 to live comfortably in Houston, you must earn $50,000 to maintain that same standard in Dallas. Here is the cost of living comparison:

  • Housing cost is 28% lower in Houston
  • Transportation is only 1% lower in Houston
  • Food is 12% lower in Houston
  • Healthcare is 15% lower in Houston

Based on this comparison, housing cost impacts the price difference between the two. The 28% variant showed more affordable real estate in Houston. The reason behind this is that Houston has a considerable amount of land. There are housing projects in the city that provides reasonable housing rates.

The land is converted to commercial hubs and business centers compared to Dallas. You will observe an influx of large companies in Dallas. Meaning less area is converted to housing and residential sites. More people will compete to get affordable housing in Dallas than in Houston. The city must build housing at a slower rate because commercial hubs are the priority.

Is Dallas expensive to live in?

In this comparison, we might suggest that Dallas may be expensive. Many would assume you need to earn more to live comfortably in Dallas.

Houston is cheaper, but Dallas is still an affordable place to live. Compared to other major cities in the US, Dallas is still not an expensive city to live in.

Thus, here are the things you should know when you choose to move to Dallas:

State income tax no more.

When you move to Dallas, you can save ample money by not allotting it to state income. Like all cities in Texas, you would enjoy the perks of having no state income. However, if you are a real estate owner, property tax can be huge, though. Sales tax tends to be higher than the national average, as well.

Reasonable salary rate

Even though you need to pay more in sales tax, Dallas provides a competitive salary package. The cost of living in Dallas is well-compensated by the salary you receive at work.

Affordable food and restaurants

Some restaurants in Dallas may be a bit expensive, with drinks ranging from $15 a pop. Yet, there is still a wide selection of affordable food and restaurants in the city. You can have your favorite Tex-Mex in Dallas without worrying about the price.

Cheap gasoline

To have better mobility in Dallas, you need to get a private car. On the bright side, you can avoid paying high gasoline prices. In Dallas, gas is cheap. You can save more money without paying for costly gasoline.

On the other side, you need to allot more money for car insurance in the city. You have to pay premium insurance in Dallas compared to other cities in the United States. The cost can reach up to $2,000. Yes, it is more than the national average.

High-quality public education

If you are moving with your family to Dallas, you can save ample money from public education. You can send your kiddos to schools and still get a top-notch education. In this way, you can pay premium prices for education. The city of Dallas already provided it for your kids.

Is Dallas safer than Houston?

Dallas is safer than Houston. The city of Dallas is cleaner, safer, and well-organized. Dallas is implementing strict zoning laws to control the occurrence of crime.

CrimeDallasHoustonUnited States
Violent Crime3750.422.7
Property Crime50.763.235.4

Source: bestplace.net

However, Dallas is not the safest city in Texas. It has its share of violent and property crimes that can still be very alarming. The crime rate in Dallas is also higher than in other cities in the United States.

There are good things in Dallas that are safe, and knowing which places to avoid in the city is essential. Some suburbs in Dallas are safe, where you can choose to get a real estate or apartment rental.

When moving, you can consider Oak Lawn, Arts Districts, Northeast, and Southwest Dallas. These are the safest neighborhoods in the city, with crime rates lower than the average.

On the other side, Houston, a more dangerous city than Dallas, is known for homicides. The number of such crimes can reach 300 cases in a year. Of course, this is being addressed by the city government. Thus, the numbers are going down. The rate of occurrence may be decreasing, but work is still to be done.

Is it hotter in Dallas or Houston?

Houston is hotter than Dallas. The humidity you experience in Houston is intense, making it unbearable. Compared to Dallas, Houston has a tropical, temperate climate that goes all year round.

You will experience more humidity in Houston than in Dallas throughout the year. It may be the result of its geographical location near Galveston Bay.

Summer tends to be very hot in Houston, as well. The temperature can go all the way up to the most unbearable degrees. You can experience this from June to August.

On the other side, Dallas has much tolerable weather. It is milder, especially in spring and fall. Summer may be hotter, as well. But compared to Houston, the temperature is less oppressive.

Dallas or Houston: Bigger

Dallas and Houston are the primary cities in Texas. So, comparing these two in terms of population and land area is essential. It will help us better understand the critical differences between these two megacities.


If we will discuss the total area, Houston is about 671.70 square miles, while Dallas is 383.44 square miles. Thus, Houston is almost twice as big as Dallas. It is more significant than 288.23 square miles.


In terms of population size, Houston is also bigger than Dallas. It has an estimated population of 2.31 million in recent years.

On the other hand, Dallas has 1.31 million residents. The data is from the United States Census Bureau.

Dallas and Houston: Which is better?

Dallas or Houston: To Live

Bishop Arts DistrictDowntown Historic Market Square
Deep Ellum (Deep Elm)Sawyer Yards
Dallas Arts DistrictChinatown
Greenville AvenueTheater District
West End Historic District

Dallas or Houston: To Visit

The Dallas World AquariumHouston Museum District
Dallas Heritage VillageHouston Museum of Natural Science
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical GardenHolocaust Museum Houston
Dallas Museum of ArtDiscovery Garden
Reunion TowerGalveston

Dallas or Houston: For Vacation

Downtown DallasDowntown Houston
Main Street DistrictNorthwest Houston
Uptown DallasUptown
Victory ParkMontrose
Oak LawnMuseum District

Dallas and Houston are two Texan cities that are often compared.

In this comparison, both exhibited their strengths and weaknesses. Dallas will charm you with its excellent public school system, while Houston will attract you with its unique neighborhood.

By affordability, Houston, by far, will surely win. But, of course, more than the cost of living, there is much to consider when choosing the best.

Dallas is very progressive and constantly developing. This city’s higher cost of living is well-compensated by a reasonable salary rate. You can cut down state taxes, gasoline, education, and even food costs. As a better city to live in, Dallas will get a higher score after factoring in crucial considerations.

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Which city is better to live in Dallas or Houston? ›

Because of its size, there's more to do in Houston. The city has a larger diversity of restaurants, museums, stores, businesses, and other points of interests. Both Dallas and Houston are awesome cities, but if you're looking for more entertainment, Houston is the best pick.

What city is everyone moving to in Texas? ›

Areas that have been seeing the most gains in population growth are the major metropolitan areas – Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Texas also ranks first in another metric: the number of net domestic migrants (defined as the number of people moving in from other states minus those moving out).

Why are people moving to Dallas? ›

Thriving Job Market

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the job market is thriving, especially with the many startup companies all over. Dallas's major industries are technology, financial services, and defense. Fort Worth's major industries are oil and gas, manufacturing, and aviation and aerospace.

What is the number one place living in Texas? ›

1. DALLAS, TEXAS. As the ninth-largest city in the country, Dallas makes good on the Texan promise of going big.

Is Dallas or Houston richer? ›

A total of 18 billionaires live in Dallas with a combined net worth of $57.9 billion. Of Dallas residents with a minimum 10-figure net worth, Jerry Jones is the wealthiest, worth an estimated $8.7 billion. Houston is the city with the second most billionaires with the highest combined net worth in Texas.

Are houses cheaper in Houston or Dallas? ›

Overall, Dallas is a bit more expensive to live in than Houston. The Dallas metro currently is home to 6,397,000 people with an increase of 1.52% from 2020. Dallas has an attractive downtown area that newcomers to Texas find appealing.

Where are most Texans moving to? ›

The most common destination for Texans is California, with 37,063 residents migrating to the Golden State in 2019. The second most common destination from Texas is Colorado, with 32,295 residents making the move in 2019.

Why people are moving out of Houston? ›

Houston is a metropolitan hub of activity, art, culture, and food. It's a great place to spend time, but many homeowners are leaving urban cores all over the country to settle in suburbs or nearby neighborhoods. More space, better school districts, and a quieter Texas countryside feel are just a few of the reasons.

Why are Texans moving to Colorado? ›

Why Texans are Moving to Colorado. Similar Values – Both Texas and Colorado were built by pioneers and explorers, and that spirit has never truly left these states. Colorado and Texas hold similar values when it comes to independence, freedom, family life, and the importance of natural resources.

Is moving to Dallas a good idea? ›

An excellent place to live, Dallas is considered one of the best places to live in Texas and is popular among young professionals and families looking to relocate to the lone star state. Considered one of the safest big cities in America, Dallas takes pride in its well-maintained streets and sought-after neighborhoods.

Which part of Dallas is the safest? ›

10 Safest Neighborhoods in Dallas
  • University Park.
  • Highland Park.
  • Center City District.
  • Main Street District.
  • Government District.
  • Farmers Market District.
  • West End Historic District.
  • Far North.
Jan 26, 2023

Why is Dallas famous for? ›

Dallas today is a cosmopolitan city known for its high concentration of restaurants and shopping centres. Skyscrapers, such as Bank of America Plaza (1985) and Reunion Tower (1978), create a striking night skyline.

What city in Texas makes the most money? ›

  • The richest city in Texas is Highland Park. ...
  • Hunters Creek Village is another one of the wealthiest cities in Texas. ...
  • Located only minutes from downtown Houston, West University Place is an affluent, highly-sought after neighborhood. ...
  • University Park is considered one of the overall most affluent neighborhoods in Texas.
Dec 15, 2022

Which city in Texas has the nicest houses? ›

The top 15 places to buy a house in Texas in 2023
  1. Waco, Texas. Waco, population 135,858, is the best city for the real estate investor to buy a house in Texas, according to our study. ...
  2. 2. Garland, Texas. ...
  3. Brownsville, Texas. ...
  4. Grand Prairie, Texas. ...
  5. Dallas, Texas. ...
  6. Beaumont, Texas. ...
  7. Mesquite, Texas. ...
  8. Fort Worth, Texas.
Dec 22, 2022

What is the richest part of Dallas? ›

1. Highland Park. Highland Park is the richest neighborhood in Dallas. Located just north of downtown, this affluent neighborhood is the epitome of luxury living.

What is the wealthiest part of Texas? ›

Southlake has been named the richest city in Texas for 2023 in a recent study.

Are apartments cheaper in Dallas or Houston? ›

Houston tends to have lower average rent prices for luxury apartments than Austin and Dallas.

What part of Texas has the most affordable homes? ›

  • Breckenridge. The cheapest place to live in Texas is Breckenridge. ...
  • Beaumont. The second cheapest city in Texas is Beaumont. ...
  • Wichita Falls. Located in north-central Texas, Wichita Falls is a cheap destination for nature lovers. ...
  • Harlingen. ...
  • Texarkana. ...
  • Abilene. ...
  • Amarillo. ...
  • Odessa.
Jan 10, 2023

Is it hotter in Dallas or Houston? ›

Dallas is both hotter and colder than Houston. It is also much less humid. Dallas is on the southern edge of the great plains.

What city in Texas is growing the fastest? ›

AUSTIN, Texas — A new report ranks Austin as the No. 2 fastest-growing U.S. city in 2022.

Where do most black Texans live? ›

A large majority of Black Texans live in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio metropolitan areas. Texas has the largest African American population in the United States.

What state are people moving to the most? ›

Florida (318,855), Texas (230,961), and the Carolinas – North Carolina (99,796) and South Carolina (84,030) – were the states with the most net domestic migration gains in 2022. Positive net domestic migration and positive net international migration significantly boosted population growth in these areas.

What is the safest part of Houston to live in? ›

9 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston
  • Bunker Hill Village.
  • Hunters Creek Village.
  • Midtown.
  • West University Place.
  • Sugar Land.
  • Galena Park.
  • Kingwood.
  • Downtown Houston.
Dec 15, 2022

Are people moving to Texas or out of Texas? ›

Updated population numbers haven't been released for 2023, but the growth data from the past three years shows that the steady stream of new Texans isn't slowing down. After following the same number trend, it's estimated that about 475,000 people moved to Texas between 2021 and 2022.

Why are so many people leaving Colorado? ›

"I think mainly the moving out of Colorado has to do with affordability, that's the number one reason that I see that happen," said Kelly Moye, a realtor in the northern Denver metro area and spokesperson for the Colorado Association of Realtors.

What are the top states moving to Colorado? ›

The states that have the largest numbers of people moving to Colorado are California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Illinois, followed by New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, and New Mexico. Arkansas, West Virginia, Vermont, and Maine had the fewest migrants into Colorado.

What salary is needed to live comfortably in Dallas? ›

What is a good salary in Dallas? To comfortably afford a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas, you need to earn about $48,040 a year or $24.02 an hour. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated median household income in Dallas of $67,321 a year.

Is Dallas a happy place to live? ›

A new study from personal finance website WalletHub ranks the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb as the happiest place in Texas and the 22nd happiest city in the U.S.

Which suburb of Dallas is the best? ›

If you are looking for the best neighborhoods in the Dallas, Texas area that are both safe and affordable, we recommend you look into Grapevine, Addison, Allen, Arlington, Irving, Mckinney, Keller, Denton, Prosper, and Lewisville.

What's the safest city in Texas? ›

Frisco, Texas, was ranked as the safest city in the nation for a second year in a row, according to a new report from SmartAsset. The city, located north of Dallas, was joined by McKinney and McAllen, Texas, which ranked second and third overall, respectively.

What is the safest city around Dallas? ›

Check out these five safe, affordable neighborhoods in Dallas!
  • Deep Ellum.
  • Lake Highlands.
  • Oak Lawn.
  • West End.
  • Winnetka Heights.
Jan 26, 2023

What is the coldest month in Dallas Texas? ›

Dallas, TX – Monthly Averages & Records – from Intellicast

On average, the coolest month is January. The lowest recorded temperature was -8°F in 1899.

What food is Dallas famous for? ›

Barbecue and Beyond

Like most of Texas, Dallas has earned a national reputation as a go-to location for barbecue and Tex-Mex. And while those are certainly pieces of the provisions puzzle here, this is a city with a well-rounded palate that welcomes chefs, cuisines and restaurants of all kinds.

Which city in Texas has the best climate? ›

In Austin, the average temperature is at least 11 degrees warmer than in the rest of the state. Even in the winter, the climate stays a little bit warmer. But if you want to beat the heat and look for more snow during the winter, then Fort Worth has the best record.

What part of Texas is not humid? ›

On the other end of the spectrum, one Texas spot is among the 15 cities that are the least humid. El Paso has an average annual relative humidity of 50%.

Where is the safest most affordable place to live in Texas? ›

Brownsville-Harlingen was the cheapest place to live in Texas, according to the index. The cost of living was 37% lower in Brownsville-Harlingen compared to Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington. The southernmost metropolitan area in Texas, Brownsville-Harlingen had 421,017 people as of 2020.

Which city has the most millionaires in Texas? ›

The report says that DFW has over 4,300 multi-millionaires, 211 centi-millionaires, and 18 billionaires. Click here to find out more about this report on the wealthiest cities in the world in 2022.

Which city in Texas has the best food? ›

From barbecue in Dallas to tacos in El Paso, here are the best spots in the Lone Star State for local culinary experiences.
  • Dallas for barbecue. ...
  • Austin for food trucks. ...
  • Houston for brunch and burgers. ...
  • El Paso for tacos. ...
  • Brenham for Bluebell ice cream. ...
  • San Antonio for fine dining on the River Walk.

What is the wealthiest part of Houston? ›

Richest Neighborhoods in Houston
  • River Oaks. The richest neighborhood in Houston is River Oaks. ...
  • West University Place. Located only minutes from downtown Houston is West University Place, the second richest neighborhood in Houston. ...
  • Southside Place. ...
  • Woodland Heights. ...
  • Afton Oaks. ...
  • Hyde Park. ...
  • Timbergrove. ...
  • Montrose.
Feb 8, 2023

Where do most rich people live in Texas? ›

2023 Richiest Cities in Texas
  • Southlake.
  • Bellaire.
  • Alamo Heights.
  • Lucas.
  • Lakeway.
  • Coppell.
  • Heath.
  • Highland Village.
Jan 26, 2023

What is the most beautiful town square in Texas? ›

Georgetown is the county seat of Williamson County and home to “The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas.” An award-winning “Main Street” designated city, Georgetown cherishes its revitalized Courthouse and surrounding Victorian era storefronts.

Is weather better in Dallas or Houston? ›

Seasons and Temperature

Summertime, on the other hand, is very hot and humid. Temperatures regularly climb well into the 90s throughout June, July and August. Dallas's weather is a bit milder than Houston's. Just as in Houston, though, the summer heat can be oppressive.

Is moving to Houston Texas a good idea? ›

A: Impressive job opportunities, low cost of living, zero income tax and warm weather year-round are just a few of the qualities that make Houston a great place to live. Families, young professionals and retirees can all find a place in Space City to carve out a fine life.

What city in Texas has the best cost of living? ›

  • Breckenridge. The cheapest place to live in Texas is Breckenridge. ...
  • Beaumont. The second cheapest city in Texas is Beaumont. ...
  • Wichita Falls. Located in north-central Texas, Wichita Falls is a cheap destination for nature lovers. ...
  • Harlingen. ...
  • Texarkana. ...
  • Abilene. ...
  • Amarillo. ...
  • Odessa.
Jan 10, 2023

Is crime worse in Houston or Dallas? ›

The crime rate in Houston, Texas is 5.32 and is higher than the crime rate in Dallas, Texas of 4.25. Houston, Texas earns a score of 1 out of 10 compared to a score of 1 out of 10 in Houston, Texas. Crime rate is calculated by dividing the number of reported crimes by the total population.

What part of Texas has the best weather to live in? ›

The northern panhandle of Texas can reach temperatures 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the state. Meanwhile, the southern coastal regions of the state are hot and rainy. Severe weather can also plague Texas.

What is hotter Dallas or Houston? ›

Houston, being about 240 miles south of Dallas and a little bit further to Fort Worth, which is 33 miles West of Dallas. Houston is on average about 3 to 4 degrees warmer. If you'll look at a map you'll see, going north from Houston, DFW then Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.

Why would people move to Houston? ›

Prized for its diversity, Houston is considered one of the best places to live in Texas due to its quality of life and welcoming atmosphere. Best known for its space exploration, energy industry, and affordable cost of living, it is no wonder why Houston has become a top destination for relocation.

What is the safest area to live in Houston TX? ›

9 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston
  • Bunker Hill Village.
  • Hunters Creek Village.
  • Midtown.
  • West University Place.
  • Sugar Land.
  • Galena Park.
  • Kingwood.
  • Downtown Houston.
Dec 15, 2022

What is the safest and cheapest place to live in Texas? ›

Brownsville-Harlingen was the cheapest place to live in Texas, according to the index. The cost of living was 37% lower in Brownsville-Harlingen compared to Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington. The southernmost metropolitan area in Texas, Brownsville-Harlingen had 421,017 people as of 2020.

What cities in Texas pays the most? ›

Texas ranked first for the number of new residents added from 2020 to 2021, welcoming about 850 new people per day (that's 310,288 people just in the last year).
  1. Dallas.
  2. Odessa. ...
  3. Austin. ...
  4. Irving. ...
  5. Frisco. ...
  6. Pasadena. ...
  7. Denton. ...
  8. Beaumont. ...
Sep 8, 2022


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